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Hear Me Out

Mixed Spaces for Caring, Joy, and Resistance

A Proposal for the Venice Biennale 2025
Venice, Italy

Hear Me Out seeks to answer the following: When does personal/communal expression distort into noise? Whose supremacy dictates the use of shared spaces? Can we disavow our colonial complicity in extracting meaning and value from sound? How can radical acts of listening and reciprocity (re)imagine our sense of belonging?

Our cities face the challenge of reflexively serving the multicultural communities they claim to represent and champion. Prescriptive architectural and urban planning practices and policies have fostered a landscape of disbelonging, erasure, and extraction rather than inclusion. But as Canada anticipates an influx of 1.5 million immigrants by 2025, reconciling past injustices to both current racialized and Indigenous communities, is crucial to building an urban realm that bridges incoming cultures and sounds rather than deepening divisions.


Through sonic interventions, Hear Me Out explores the tensions and innovation inherent in shaping spaces within our urban landscapes, while meeting the evolving needs of an increasingly diverse society

Mixtape Collective

Farida Abu-Bakare
Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen
Tura Cousins Wilson
Kazeem Kuteyi
Alexandra Lambropoulos
Shane Laptiste
Phat Le
Reza Nik

Drawings by Irina Rouby-Apelbaum, Averill Dimabuyu, Kaleigh Nguyen

Shortlist Announcement 

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